Military 101

Weapons training. Water survival. Mountaineering. They’re all part of a soldier’s skill set — but these skills are not just for soldiers anymore. Through Military Science courses at North Idaho College, students can get a taste of

Taking it to the skies

When you’ve finished exploring career opportunities from the ground, take a look to the skies for your dreams to take flight. That’s right. The aerospace industry is booming in North Idaho and NIC has a variety of


Today’s college students break stereotypes If you think that most college students are fresh out of high school, young, carefree, and living at a university, you’re wrong. In fact, 85 percent of college students today don’t fit

Hot Jobs

The true value of education is a trending topic in the rebounding economy, causing students to question whether or not the cost of earning a degree is worth the job (and the pay) at the end. Check

Fire in the blood

The call comes in at an otherwise quiet time: An elderly woman has fallen outside her home. The firefighters at the station move like clockwork. Within moments, an ambulance and fire engine are pulling out of the

The Time is NOW

“I’m too old.” “I’m too broke.” “I’m too busy.” “I’m too tired.” “I’m too bad at math.” TOO MANY EXCUSES! Now is the time to make your dreams come true. Leave the job that you dread going

Field of Dreams

For Post Falls High School graduate Brady Ulen, the future wasn’t really clear. He knew he loved soccer and after being honored as an Idaho All-State selection, he initially decided to attend a small four-year institution away

Earn a healthcare degree… ONLINE

Online education is no longer a new fad, it’s now a standard for most colleges and universities and allows students the flexibility necessary to earn a degree without having to live on campus or fit classes between

CHOICES: NIC academic and professional-technical programs

Whether you’re just out of high school, recently laid off, or thinking about a new career, North Idaho College has a wide variety of education and training programs to choose from. With flexible class schedules, you can

Making A Living Off the Land

In the Inland Northwest, many people have a deep passion for the great outdoors and the beauty of the lakes, mountains, and trees that envelop our region. But most don’t consider that their passion can be more