How do I avoid massive student loan debt AND get a great college education?

Choose community college Everyone has heard the new figures on student loan debt, and they are alarming. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, student loan debt in the United States has now surpassed $1 trillion—that’s more

The sky’s the limit

Employment in aviation maintenance and advanced manufacturing is growing rapidly in North Idaho, requiring a highly skilled workforce for aerospace jobs. There was 16 percent growth in aerospace industry employment in North Idaho from 2008 to 2009,

The open road: CDL course is the license to a high-paying career field

Like the open road, the U.S. economy has its ups and downs. But some jobs just keep cruising along. Truck driving is a high-demand, high-paying profession that has withstood the economic downturn. In fact, the Bureau of

CHOICES More than 160 certificate and degree options

Whether you’re just out of high school, recently laid off, or thinking about a new career, North Idaho College has a wide variety of education and training programs to choose from. With flexible class schedules, you can

Computer Aided Design: How ideas become reality

Leo Lomas, 28, walked the trails in Idaho thinking up ideas that would make his camping experiences more enjoyable — ideas that could make everyone’s camping experience more enjoyable, actually. A backpack that doubles as a hammock

Education begins at birth

NIC Child Development program sets students up for success beginning in Pre-K Just like other students at North Idaho College, Meah Yetter guides her own education. Her interests and points of reference from previous knowledge frame her

Hot Jobs

Looking for a new career, but can’t decide what the right fit is for you? Here are some high demand and high paying jobs available through North Idaho College. Public Relations North Idaho College is offering a

From dream… to reality NIC helps student find his dream career

North Idaho College Biology Instructor Rhena Cooper is an expert in many areas. But more than her deep knowledge of biology and microbiology, Cooper has the innate ability to spot the spark of scientific passion in others.

Administrative Assistant: the heart of an organization

It’s not the job it used to be. In today’s world, the job of administrative assistant has transformed into much more than answering phones—and with virtually every office and business needing an administrative assistant, skilled workers are

College at Any Age Just starting? Or starting over? NIC has a program to fit you

The old adage that age is just a number is true at North Idaho College. In fact, classrooms are filled with students of all ages, from high school students participating in the dual credit program to adult